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Saturday, June 3, 2023


Finding yourself in Skegness

Wrangle, Leake and Drainside pass by as I drive. Small settlements and thoroughfares with names that remind me England can still be remote and unusual. It's a surprise in a shrinking networked world to discover places not so far...

Congratulations to the Rev Richard Coles

I'm not a graduate myself so I don't properly understand the honorary something that the Rev Richard Coles is being given by Northampton University this week but I am in no doubt at all that he utterly deserves it. He...

Coffee but no donuts in Portsmouth

Apart from delivering two sessions of social media training in Portsmouth today the main mission was to check in to my hotel and find myself a bow-tie. I'm at the Royal Maritime Club which ticks all the boxes for free...
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Sometimes the way they talk about Saints is pure snobbery

Twenty minutes into Saints home victory over Saracens, just after Moon and Ludlam had crossed the line to score...
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