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Not all work is paid for, so maybe not all pay should be worked for

SB Jones  writes and dabbles in drawing and painting.  She  also dabbles in deep-space astronomy and astro-physics, botany and other natural history.  As well as comets and planets, she loves trees and bats, and all sorts of music.  Some Nene Quirer...

Why we will never let our heroes win in the end

Lena Davis of the Caring Sharing Trust in Cogenhoe reflects on how we punish those we put on a pedestal... Do you yearn for someone to admire? Someone who is wise and warm and caring? Someone to lead the Country,...

What about Kingsthorpe Obelisk?

NQ Subject Line is The NeneQuirer's section for published correspondence. Mike Ingram and his team are doing a great job trying to get Northampton Borough Council to repair the Queen Eleanor Cross. But what about the Kingsthorpe Obelisk? It's in a far...
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How Northampton Bike Park will be celebrating a year of being open

It's not dignified. I'm 55 and I've gone over the handlebars of a bike twice in the past year. Fortunately...
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