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  • Cilla the musical is epic theatre

    Tre Ventour saw Cilla Black the Musical at Royal and Derngate, Northampton… Liverpool in the 1960s. Everyone had a story about Cilla Black. You couldn’t walk into any club without hearing a story or two. Mention Liverpool and music in the same sentence, and most will think of The Beatles. [...]
  • Deaf Trap: Northamptonshire’s music is under rated

    To mark the release of their new EP ‘Miscreants’ Peter Dennis spoke Northampton’s alternative indie rock band Deaf Trap. The band consists of Matthew Wetherill (guitar), Rob Gray (drums) and, confusingly the band has two Tom Wright’s: Thomas (vocals) and Tom (bass). [...]
  • Northampton and Northampton: a tale of two cities

    Northampton Mayor Gareth Eales went to Northampton, Massachusetts, as a birthday treat but new links could be forged following the trip… Less than two weeks ago, I had the misfortune of experiencing my 40th birthday. To commemorate this milestone, me and my wife Terrie arranged to visit New [...]
  • The amazing adventures of Walter Tull

    Tre Ventour examines the life and times of Water Tull… Today, there are numerous black footballers being adored by fans and earning millions of pounds in the British Premier League. But when the game began, it was more or less exclusively white. Well, until one Black Briton had the courage [...]
  • Sting unveils The Last Ship at Royal and Derngate

    Sting came to Northampton to whet the town’s appetite for the visit of his musical The Last Ship. He was joined by cast members at the Royal and Derngate theatre to give a sneak preview of some of the songs from the show as well as answering questions from the media. The Last Ship tells the story [...]
  • When I grow up: my brush with the A-list predators

    Michella Dos Santos of the Magic Bean Emporium recalls her own sobering encounters with the sleazy side of showbusiness but is still chasing down her dream… I believe that everyone has kindness in their hearts (some, have it deep down in a hidden crevice), and I believe that everyone is [...]
  • The National Leather Collection welcomes BBC Civilisations

    Victoria Green of the National Leather Centre reflects on the historic importance of traditional Northamptonshire skills… What does the term ‘civilisation’ mean to you? This was the question posed to us when we accepted the challenge of participating in BBC Civilisations in Spring 2018. [...]
  • Cheese of the month: Coeur de Neufchatel AOP

    Steve and Caroline Ward bring you choice fromages… Love is in the air once again here at cheese towers. I mean, why would you buy your betrothed flowers when they could have Cheese? In the greens hills of Normandy sits the small town of Neufchatel-en-Bray. Famous for making one of the oldest [...]
  • Would you know what Wooow-oow meant?

    ‘Uncle’ Eric Whitehouse, bluesman and raconteur, recalls one of his favourite stories about the Cobblers… “Wooow…ooow!” (www)….the cry goes up from Northampton’s mean streets. A primeval memory of a lost childhood, permeated by that call from round an unlocked [...]
  • Hope Food Club is a new way to tackle food poverty

    The rising number of food banks around the country has been a constant theme of the current period of ‘austerity’ but a scheme from the Northampton Hope Centre offers a new way of tackling food poverty. The Hope Food Club will allow people to register as members and then buy food at very low [...]
  • Tre Ventour’s culture diary

      NQ’s official culture vulture shares some of the upcoming events he has circled in his calendar… February 9 – Jazzetry at The Ark Previously, Jazzetry was scheduled for December 10 but had to be rescheduled because of the great British weather. Wind, snow and ice came at the [...]
  • Review: Can a live action Brief Encounter match the movie classic?

    The Playhouse Theatre has tackled one of Tre Ventour’s favourite films with their stage production of Brief Encounter… One evening, after seeing A Passage to India at Royal & Derngate last year, fellow reviewer Kevin Evans (Bill in Brief Encounter) told me that the Playhouse Theatre [...]
Fine writing

Queen Eleanor’s Cross – a love story

by Steve in Culture

Alarming pictures of Northampton’s Queen Eleanor Cross overgrown with weeds prompted a new Facebook group and the promise of action from Northampton Borough Council. [...]



The amazing adventures of Walter Tull

by Steve in Cobblers

Tre Ventour examines the life and times of Water Tull… Today, there are numerous black footballers being adored by fans and earning millions of pounds in the British [...]


Restaurant reviews

The Press brings you tomorrow’s chips today

by Steve in Culture

Matt Moore finds he has a taste for a pun… Hot off the press… it’d be a great way to start this review, but instead I’m just namechecking one of the many burgers [...]



Greetings and loneliness

by Steve in Books

Lena has been a music producer, writer and Personal Manager; a photographer and journalist and, over thirty years ago, got together with Caroline Scattergood to create the [...]