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Tuesday, January 18, 2022

English Civil War horsemen and guard of honour at historian Mike Ingram’s funeral in Northampton

A mounted Guard of Honour accompanied the stunning funeral procession of historian and NQ writer Mike Ingram in Northampton.   In bright winter sunshine, the...



Food and Drink

Cheese, meats and preserves: Steve Reid’s triple whammy for the Northamptonshire food scene

Friars Farm is opening a shop at Phipps NBC in Kingswell Street on Fridays. The award winning preserve maker is using the opening to...
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Stephen Mold wins second term in charge of police and fire services

Stephen Mold has been elected for a second term as Northamptonshire’s Police, Fire and Crime Commissioner.  At the election count on Monday 10 May, Stephen...

Queen Eleanor’s Cross – a love story

Alarming pictures of Northampton's Queen Eleanor Cross overgrown with weeds prompted a new Facebook group and the promise of action from Northampton Borough Council....

The amazing adventures of Walter Tull

Tre Ventour examines the life and times of Water Tull... Today, there are numerous black footballers being adored by fans and earning millions of pounds...

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