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Congratulations to the Rev Richard Coles

Richard Coles (left) and Jommy Sommerville (right) back in the day. Now The Rev Richard Coles has been awarded an honorary doctorate by Northampton University.

I’m not a graduate myself so I don’t properly understand the honorary something that the Rev Richard Coles is being given by Northampton University this week but I am in no doubt at all that he utterly deserves it.

He was once a keyboard player in the Communards, he does the Saturday morning magazine slot on Radio Four (a section of the airwaves first consecrated and made cool by John Peel) and he is the vicar of Finedon in Northamptonshire.

I’m not a big fan of organised religion because the very act of organising something like that seems a retrograde step to me. But I don’t like the sneery atheist mockery of someone like Richard Dawkins either and it is chastening to think that if the Dawk had his way we would be denied indivduals like The Rev Coles.

Here he is in action on Twitter today, live-tweeting from a Kettering food establishment. The comment near the bottom of the second screenshot is the one that got me hooked. I would like it on a T-shirt. It is this:

The dildo waggler just laughed so hard she snorted Pinot Grigio down her ample front

How did it all end? Which Kettering restaurant was it? What were they up to at lunchtime on a Wednesday in a respectable English market town? You could follow the Rev Richard. He can’t give you all the answers but he’s probably a good place to start.



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