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New talent at 15 Collingwood exhibition

Since opening 15 Collingwood in 2013, Northampton brothers Rocco and Franco Catalano have been supporting new artistic and design talent. A new exhibition ‘Painters Tomorrow’ launches on Sunday 16th Sept between 12-4pm and runs through to December. NQ found out more about the student artists…

Alexandra Mawby

Alexandra Mawby

A mature student, studying Fine Art Painting and Drawing at the University of Northampton.
“After raising three young children, I decided to return to education and pursue my passion for painting. At present, I am looking at the experience of motherhood as the focus for my work, encompassing themes of time, the everyday, connectivity and memory.”
Work shown: Hansy sleeping

Hansy sleeping.JPG

Alice Bethany Burbridge

Version 2

Aged 20, from Peterborough, studying Fine Art Painting and Drawing. “I started getting into painting a few years ago when my anxiety was at a particularly bad point. Baking was something that helped me deal with this so I decided to also paint my creations, which helped me to cope and relax. As painting helps me, I would love to help others viewing my work to find comfort and an image that will make them smile.”

Bethany 2IMG_5344

Bethany againIMG_5339

Jaylen Smith

Jaylen Smith Headshot

A 19-year-old artist from Braintree in Essex. “My work centres greatly around colour and fusing the classical with the contemporary. I started painting around the age of 16, art has always been my passion and I’m always seeking new, exciting elements for my work. I spent my first year of university exploring the properties of light in paintings and am looking forward to pushing it further.”
Work shown: Valour and Cowardice, Oil on Canvas, 62 x 57 cm

Valour and Cowardice, Oil on Canvas, 62 x 57 cm Jay Smith (2)

Mark Halsey


A mature student of Fine Art at the University of Northampton .
“I am part of the exhibition ‘ Painters Tomorrow ‘ at 15 Collingwood. and I got into art via therapy sessions run by the local council.
Less than 18 months later was offered place on the painting and drawing BA fine art degree course. A dream come true !”

Work shown: ‘Melt.’ Oil on canvas


Julie Taylor


I am a mother of three grown-up children from Towcester, who enjoys sport and the outdoors. I returned to painting a few years ago and am now challenging myself further by studying for a Painting and Drawing degree at University of Northampton.”

Julie Artwork

Jacob Mawby


Jacob, from Kettering: “My involvement with art is an enquiry into painting imagery that deals with natural phenomena, the landscape and lucid dreaming. I’m heavily interested in nature, natural beauty, awe and grandeur. J.W. Turner is one of my favourite painters of all time, who explores the beauty within the storm. This is something I also intend to capture.”

Jacob 1

Gina Hammersley


I always loved drawing from a very young age and studied Art and Design at Northampton College. At the University of Northampton, I eventually tried oil paint and I wished I had done sooner! I am always looking for ways to improve and bring meaning to my art that will question the audience. Painting involves more failure than success most of the time, but I find it exciting to think of what we may be producing in a couple of years’ time.”

Gina workDSC07367


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