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What about Kingsthorpe Obelisk?

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Mike Ingram and his team are doing a great job trying to get Northampton Borough Council to repair the Queen Eleanor Cross.
But what about the Kingsthorpe Obelisk?
It’s in a far worse condition than the cross, with numerous plants growing out of the stonework and a major clean-up and re-pointing is indicated.
The Obelisk was erected in 1764 by the second Earl of Strafford, who owned the nearby Boughton estate.
As the inscription tells us, he put it up in memory of his friend William Cavendish, fourth Duke of Devonshire, who was educated at Boughton and became our Prime Minister in 1756.
I think the Borough’s conservation people ought to go up and conduct a close inspection as soon as possible.
Tony Boullemier, Boughton
I'm the editor and owner of The NeneQuirer.

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