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The Northamptonshire buildings that are always catching fire

Firefighters come from across the country to work and train in Northamptonshire and Watch Manager Instructor Chris Westfield is walking proof – he transferred in himself from London Fire Brigade.

With the Grenfell Disaster among his recent experiences, Chris is delighted to be part of a team delivering first class training in first class training facilities at Chelveston, which include a set of buildings that can be deliberately set ablaze to simulate real life scenarios the trainees might encounter.

Chris Westfield

He told NFRS’ communications officer James Averill: “Ultimately for whoever comes in we try to create, as best as we can, work related scenarios. The facilities we have here at Chelveston are far greater and advanced than a lot of other services, even down to the training rigs here.

“You speak to a lot of people nationally and they either have rigs that are very limited, or no training at all and they go to other services to train. But here we have these fantastic multi-floor units whereby we can create several different scenarios to help people be as safe as they possibly can.”

For a deeper dive into the work at the training centre see James Averill’s article here

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