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Alan Moore breaks with his own election tradition to appeal to his fans and humanity in general

One way or another I’ve been reporting on life in Northampton for over 25 years and one thing I found out pretty quickly is that Alan Moore doesn’t endorse political parties.

He gets angry at politicians. He calls out councils and governments. He attends and speaks at protests. But he doesn’t jump on anyone’s bandwagon or rally to any party’s flag.

After decades of carefully considered anarchist non-participation at the last General Election the award winning writer intimated that his parents probably would have voted for Jeremy Corbyn.

And now – during one of the most extraordinary phases of British political history yet another extraordinary thing has occurred – Alan has called on fans of his work and anyone who fears for “all the things you value” to join him in voting Labour.

He sets out his thinking in a letter that appeared on social media yesterday on accounts that are reliable sources of material from the “internet-averse” icon.

Alan is currently preparing for the premiere of his feature film The Show, set in a parallel Northampton. He has an extensive back catalogue of award winning written work and originally came to international attention with his game changing reinvention of the comic superhero genre Watchmen.

He refuses to be associated with the TV show derived from his creation and will not allow his name to appear in the credits due to longstanding disputes with the media companies that own the intellectual rights to his work.

At the heart of it are Hollywood’s ham-fisted attempts to court the approval of a writer who like many of the comic-book industry’s elder statesman were exploited by the companies who published their early work.

The movie makers’ assumption that money was the answer added insult to injury and although they are still keen to pay him he has instructed payments to be redirected to charities dealing with gun crime in America.

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