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How to make a McDonalds – it looks like they are using Lego

McDonalds has been spending plenty on telling the public the ingredients for its food are high quality, so we know how they build their burgers but what about their restaurants?


A new one is taking shape on St James retail park in Northampton.


It is due to open on October 3 and promises to serve burgers all day every day.


It is also offering a drive thru service like the McDonalds restaurants at Sixfields and Weston Favell and the Starbucks which also sits in the St James retail park.


The exterior is clad in a multi-coloured planking effect covering, giving it the appearance of a building made from Lego.


This is mounted on a metal frame finished with panelling and weatherproofing.


The construction company is Conlon and the restaurant is expected to bring dozens of jobs.


It is sited on an area of the retail park that formerly housed a Pizza Hut and before that a branch of Boots.


Retail parks were controversial developments when they were first granted planning permission in Northampton because it was thought they undermined the centre of town, with similar arguments being made as the objections to the major retail development at Rushden Lakes.


However since the downturn in the economy and the increasing popularity of internet shopping the retail parks have run into problems of their own.


Some are finding it hard to fill all their units but unlike the centre of town do not have other amenities such as theatres to attract footfall to the area.




The announcement of the McDonalds restaurant is a boost for the St James Park which suffered a blow when Toys’R’Us closed its doors.


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