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Carers Companion: A book young carers can turn to for advice

Elisha Dexter talks to Natasha Krywald, from Rushden, who has written a book for young carers as an aid to their daily lives…

A young carer is defined as ‘someone under the age of 18 who helps look after a relative with a disability, illness, mental health condition or a drug or alcohol problem’.
With this in mind Natasha Krywald composed a book called the ‘Carers Companion’.

It is intended to become a whole new style of support for young carers which fits into their daily lives.

Being a young carer sparked the passion to help others in a similar position, using her experience it is intended to help others deal with these situations or show them where to turn for help.

Becoming a young carer can happen over a gradual process or overnight, there’s no telling who it is going to happen too.

The book has been created in order to ease this process whatever age, ability or situation.

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Natasha Krywald

The Carers Companion is targeted towards young carers between the ages of 5 and 13 in addition to those with less experience on how to handle challenging situations.

It features a number of sections which all contain useful information regarding what to do in certain situations. This includes anything from quick cook recipes and first aid to activities and jokes.

In my opinion the book features everything I would have needed to know as a young carer as it’s clear and precise information that anyone of any age can follow. It is a resource that you can rely on for all sorts of information alongside other stories from young carers.

The stories remind you that there are lots of other young people in the same situation who can use the book to assist their daily lives.

Natasha has really thought about the types of issues that young carers encounter within their everyday lives and the book is an escape for many young people alike.

Through being a positive person overcoming her own personal problems she has helped a number of people by doing charity work.

She recently shaved her head in aid of a little girl, Nelly, who has been battling cancer and is planning to climb Snowdon in the summer in the hope of raising more money.

Natasha said “I would like to remind young carers they are not alone, and that thousands of children are just like them! And that I hope the Carers Companion helps them to realise they are strong enough to fight anything and brave enough to carry on!”

Being a young carer myself along with my little sisters, the book gives us time away to destress and deal with the problem at hand. The book was funded to be printed by the Rotary Club of Rushden Chichele and is currently available for free for young carers within Northamptonshire, for those outside of Northamptonshire the book currently costs £3 and can be requested from their website:


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