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Born to be wild – fundraising on fast wheels

Karin Johnstone describes an encounter with with our local easy riders…

Northampton bikers got together on Abington Street on Saturday 7th April for their annual Harley Run.

Long shot

The event is one of many annual bike runs they do to raise money for Cynthia Spencer Hospice.

There were over 210 different types of Harley Davidson motorcycles parked all the way along the shopping street.

P1050446 copy

These glittering machines all boasted their own characters and like their owners were different ages with some distinguished vintages.

At 12.45 the bikes revved up thunderously. Oily fumes and smoke filled the air and each bike rolled out of its spot.

Bikers in a row

There was a time 30 years ago where the term ‘biker’ could carry connotations of local gang warfare but those days seem behind us.

As one of the organisers said to me ‘they take pride in their bikes.’ Many of these bikers are also dedicated to the charity that they support.

Bikers in a row 2

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