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How you could own an eight kilo Easter Egg

It’s about two feet tall by 18 inches wide and the chocolate is about an inch and a half thick… don’t even try to count the calories.

There is an eight kilo Easter Egg in Northampton and the business that brought it here – St Giles Cheese – is raffling it to raise money for the Hope Centre.

Steve Ward, who runs the business with Caroline, said: “Its from Holland, from one of chocolatiers Visser. It has a retail price of £399. We can lift it, it’s an inch and a half thick. You are going to need a lump hammer to get it open. I don’t think it would do it much damage if we did drop it.

“We’ve had a fantastic reaction from our customers. Everything we raise is going to the Hope Centre in town. The Mayor is coming in on Saturday 31st about halfway through the day so we can draw a winner and still get it to them by Sunday. If I won it I would donate it to a children’s home or something but I’m not going to put pressure on.”

You can buy tickets for £2 online via their Just Giving page here.


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