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The 15 Collingwood feel: part Italian – part Magpie

15 Collingwood interiors shop, selling vintage furniture, ceramics and glassware, handmade jewellery and contemporary artwork was started in 2013 by brothers Franco and Rocco Catalano, both born and bred in Northampton but with Italian heritage and a shared love of art and design, writes Rosanna Catalano.

Their parents made their way to Northampton from Southern Italy in the early 60s. They came to work and build a life and filled their house with colourful reminders of home. Souvenirs from Italy, glass cabinets of crockery, glassware and ceramics. Everything colourful, big and bright. Every wall a different pattern, every room a different coloured carpet. All things bright and beautiful. Rocco says that he has inherited his approach from his parent’s eclectic style and jokes that he is part Italian, part Magpie. This review from one of his customers sums up the shop’s vibe:

“An ever changing treasure trove of delights! From funky retro and quirky to stylish and sophisticated (and that’s just the owner)… worth a look…and in our very own Abington “ (Amanda Carroll, Facebook review)

15 coll shop

Rocco has a background in design, studying fashion and marketing in Newcastle, followed by a stint in Milan and worked for many years in London interior design stores.
When ill health forced him to reassess his life, he went back to University and graduated from the prestigious Glasgow School of Art, with a degree in jewellery making and design in 2012. Franco worked for many years in local government, but when he was made redundant, the two decided on a new venture and so, 15 Collingwood was born.
The shop’s aesthetic is based on the two’s shared passion for mid 20th century design, the 50s, 60s and 70s in particular. They specialize in sourcing high quality furniture from this period, which though it may be secondhand, has timeless appeal. Often finding iconic designs of this period like Ercol and G-plan. There’s a reason why vintage has become so popular in recent years and this is because they made furniture that was built to last. With sleek lines, these pieces look every bit as modern now as when they were first made.


Other shops may sell vintage but these two have an awareness and understanding of design and will go out of their way to help customers
Of Rocco, one customer has said that he has:
“…bags of integrity, a blessing to find someone who does what he says he’s going to do” (Mandy Bennett, Facebook review)

They also offer an interior design service and Rocco has had his own home featured in The Observer Magazine design section and The Guardian on-line.


The two have also long championed the work of local artists, and makers who are able to sell their work through the shop and want the town to be proud of its homegrown talent.
They have struck up a relationship with young and upcoming artists showcasing their work through the shop.

Many of the artists whose work is featured, haven’t had the opportunity to show work before and are not yet established as artists. Rocco and Franco want to hone this talent and give undiscovered artists the chance to shine.


Rocco has said “I spent many years working in London and travelled the world, but I wanted to come home and have found so many wonderful artists and designers right here on my doorstep, there’s no need to go anywhere else”.

This carefully curated shop is more than a secondhand shop or art gallery it’s a design for living.

I'm the editor and owner of The NeneQuirer.

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