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Wellingborough Cycles wins Red Bull challenge

A Wellinborough Cycles team has won the inaugural Red Bull Time Laps Challenge – the world’s longest one day road cycling race.

A statement from Red Bull, which sponsors a range of extreme cycling events, said:

30th October 2017 – The inaugural edition of Red Bull Timelaps took place this weekend, seeing 536 riders take full advantage of the clocks going back by racing over 25 hours. In the world’s longest one-day road cycling race, riders pushed their physical and mental limits by racing through the night on a 6.6km closed circuit within the stunning Windsor Great Park.

Competing in teams of four, riders partnered with friends and family to see who could complete the most laps within the timeframe. With only one rider from each team allowed on the course at any point, participants demonstrated a mixture of strategic nous, endurance, and determination to overcome the challenge.

To add a twist to the event at 2 am the Tag Heuer ‘Power Hour’ was introduced, allowing teams to make the most of the extra hour when the clocks go back. During the Tag Heuer ‘Power Hour’, riders took on a new shorter course where their laps over the following 60 minutes counted double.

Winning the inaugural edition of the race was the Wellingborough Cycles Team – a group of riders from Northamptonshire. Completing a staggering 138 laps, the winners managed to clock the fastest lap of 9:23. They also claimed victory in the U25 category by a staggering nine laps.

Commenting on the victory team leader Jack Patmore said: “We are ecstatic. We ended up entering as a bit of fun at the end of our season, so it’s really great that we ended up winning the whole event. We didn’t really have a game plan apart from just letting one of the guys hit it really hard! We will definitely be back next year to defend our title!

The winners of the Men’s category was Team Tekker’s, who completed 138 laps, finishing in 3rd place overall. One of their rider’s Alec Briggs said “Such a cool event, next year we are going to come back for more! We didn’t end up sticking to our tactics, we wanted to do three hours each, but quickly realised we wouldn’t be able to do that. Gutted we didn’t win overall but looking forward to coming back stronger next year”.

Sophie Edmondson from the winner’s of the female category, Team 5th Floor Said “There were some highs and some lows. The middle of the night was pretty hard but it was really fun! In the beginning, our tactics were short stints at the beginning, then after lap four, we realised we needed to extend this. For the power hour we did six lap stints, in the night we did eight and then we did three each for the last ones” She went on to add “There are a lot of female teams here. It’s amazing to see so many women taking part. It’s so cool for the sport”. The 5th Floor completed the event with a total of 120 laps, six ahead of their closest rivals.

Also taking part in the event, Red Bull triathlete Gordon Benson, added: “It’s such a unique event, there’s not really anything else quite like it, so it was great to be a part of the first one. We had a great weekend, looking forward to next year, the atmosphere in the pits really made it special”.

To view the results, head to uk.redbull.com/timelaps

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