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Spooktacular costumes are a tricky business at Halloween

Adam Alexander looks at his family traditions at the scariest time of year…

“Why do pumpkins have silly smiles on their faces?”
This is met with blank expressions from the kids and no answer.
So not wishing to waste the perfectly timed silence, I reply with: “You’d have a silly smile too if you just had all your brains scooped out!”

Oddly enough my kids treat this comedy gold with the same disdain I had given my own uncles’ or father’s jokes. Alas enough of my tragic decent into, it’s ok to wear slippers to the shop and romancing about old spice and penny sweets, but to focus on the coming holidays…

Although the true emphasis on Halloween has perhaps waned since the invasion and influence of our American friends, it still amazes me how every year there appears to be one less parent who has managed to maintain the tradition of steering clear of the current trends.

In years past we have always been more likely to lock the door, draw the curtains and switch off the lights, rather than dishing out the treats. This wasn’t in fear of tricksters or pranks but an element of early humbug and what a load of stuff and nonsense.
However since the appearance of our own little ankle biters, we have to admit our own slip into the fray.

However we can hold our heads up with complete dignity in the knowledge of at least managing to stick to traditional themes.

We’ve prepared witches, ghosts and quite an impressive skeleton. Our last encounter saw the production of our eldest as a Day of the Dead Mexican lady.

As the years have moved on we have seen at our door countless Power Rangers, Six Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, oddly enough all the Disney Princesses (including yes Jasmine), one Hobbit, enough Harry potters to put He Who Shouldn’t Be Named away for good and a Very Very Hungry Caterpillar.

Having brainwashed our children to go ‘trad’ they are now older so determining their own look, we turn our focus to how to receive these door dwellers.

I have thought that flipping the whole ‘trick or treat’ thing around. Call their bluff and shout trick by chucking a bucket of plastic spiders out the open door or perhaps just standing there with the garden hose poised ready. However the ever steady voice of reason from my better half steps in and places the kybosh on this flight of fancy.

So we wait for the hoards from the DC and Marvel worlds and not forgetting the odd herd of My Little Ponies to come knocking at Alexander towers. This has become our new Halloween tradition, handing out little treats and pranks which might be one of my jokes (if they are lucky enough), to the latest from Hollywood.

I’m confident we will not be seeing any Weinsteins or Trumps, but we can live in hope, we’ll be ready.

I'm the editor and owner of The NeneQuirer.

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