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Cocktail of the Month: Burbajos Secos

This decadent bubbly cocktail blends sloe gin, pink gin and cava. Its simple to put together, and you’ll find it a delicious dry alternative to the usual sweeter cava and prosecco cocktails served everywhere at this time of year.

Ingredients (makes 2 cocktails):
25ml Sloe Gin
25ml Larios Rose Gin
Cava or prosecco
Frozen Strawberry (optional).

Add the gin and sloe gin to a cocktail shaker.
Add a generous scoop of ice and shake well.
Empty into two chilled cava glasses, and top off the gin mixture with your favourite dry cava or prosecco.
If you’re a perfectionist, use a cocktail spoon to layer the cava onto the spirit mixture.
Finish with a frozen strawberry.

Its really important to use a full strength sloe gin for this recipe, (typically greater than 40% abv). Weaker liqueur based sloe gins carry sweetness into the end cocktail, which isn’t at all what this drink is about. Larios Rose gin is just perfect with its mediterranean citrus and strawberry tones, which work together with the dry berry sloe gin flavours better than Santa’s reindeer pulling his sleigh.

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