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Cheese of the Month: Curds & Croust Truffler

Steve and Caroline Ward bring you choice fromages…

Autumn has well and truly arrived and there are few things more autumnal than mushrooms, hunting tasty ones is fast becoming my new hobby.

Sadly other than a few nice puffballs, most of my bounty has been inedible. I certainly haven’t found any prized truffles. I blame the dog and her obsession with rabbits.
Curds & Croust are a new Cornish cheese maker who share a production site with the famous clotted cream people, Roddas.

Using the same fabulous Roddas milk source they are creating a range of handmade bloomy white soft cheeses, a brie & a camembert with the lovely character names ‘Miss Wenna’ and ‘Boy Laity’ but their finest creation must be the ‘Truffler’. A brie made with milk infused with truffle, so no truffly bits. It is earthy, gentle , yet somehow robust with the delicious back notes of the truffle coming through at the end of a luscious creamy mouth experience. Too far? No, I don’t think so..

I asked Mrs Cheese what wine should be paired with this cheese as she was reading an article written by an ‘expert’(!!) proclaiming that “red wine should never be served with cheese” .

In an instant she replied “ Beaujolais, are we having Beaujolais?” The experts no nothing. We had it with our favourite Madame Lagneau Beaujolais villages. It was perfect. It’s beginning to look a bit like Christmas.


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