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Cheese of the month: Montagnolo

Steve and Caroline Ward of St Giles Cheese pick out choice fromages for your delectation… 

When young Ben (one of our cheesey sales reps) came in proclaiming that he had a new blue cheese that had just won the coveted title of ‘Supreme Champion’ at the World cheese awards, I peered over my readers and asked him where it was from?
‘The Germans can’t make decent cheese!’ I exclaimed.

Montagnolo is another faux Italian fromaggi/kasser like a well known soft supermarket abomination which I can barely bring myself to name (ahem, Cambozola). Every ounce of food snob in me wanted to hate it. But…..

At first sight it has a lovely grey velvet coat and its pale paste inside is soft and spreadable with a medium amount of blue. The taste is super-creamy, this is definitely a full fat cheese. The blue flavour is in perfect proportion and does not over power, reminding me of a sweet Gorgonzola but with extra cream, it is just made to go with figs.

If you are looking to explore the flavours of blue cheese, this would be a great introduction, but if you prefer your blue a little more hardcore, maybe skip the Montagnolo.

Mrs Cheese likes a small glass of something slightly sweet with this (to cut through the cream you understand) she recommends Coteaux du Layon, St Auban. From the Loire region, this 100% chenin blanc is light with hints of pineapple & apricot and not sickly sweet like the more southern dessert wines.


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