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County showbiz veteran shares memories of Sir Bruce

In Cogenhoe the Caring and Sharing Trust runs Cotton’s Farmhouse.

Day to day it is a support centre for people with learning disabilities, their families and carers. The science behind it is art therapy but the magic behind it is showbusiness courtesy of its founding angels Lena Davis and Caroline Scattergood.

They wafted into Northamptonshire on a wind that blew them from the glittering fantasy of the 50s cabaret circuit and brought a world of performance and singing to the county.

The time it takes to have a cup of tea with them can elicit an earful of stories about household names they regularly rubbed shoulders with and it comes as no surprise that Caroline has memories of the late Sir Bruce Forsyth.

Caroline Scattergood in her problematic headdress in 1970

It is not in their nature to speak badly of anyone, although they know how to deliver qualified praise that tactfully conveys their true impression.

But Sir Bruce, they say was: “a lovely man who really was a lovely man…”

He tried to help Caroline with some medical advice when a spectacular feather head dress exacerbated her hayfever.

She tells the story in a post on her Facebook page here.



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