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Cheese of the month: Cobblers Nibble

Steve & Caroline Ward , owners of St Giles cheese bring you their choice fromage of the month.

Cobblers Nibble is very much the cheese of the moment around these parts since its 15 minutes of fame on prime time TV (Countryfile) last month.

Made completely by hand by former printer-turned cheesemeister Gary Bradshaw, using milk pumped directly from Newlands Farm dairy next door, Cobblers Nibble is a firm Cowsmilk with a distinctive twang. Imagine something between cheddar & Cheshire.

The cheeses are aged for 3 months and carefully rubbed & turned giving a creamy,  fully flavoured yet not overly strong paste with a delicious bitter rind. Makes a great late night munching cheese and works really well in a ploughmans.

It will work with wines but, this cheese is just made for Beer. Mrs Cheese doesn’t drink beer so I’ll have to do the recommendation for what to have it with !!
Choose a good flavoursome brown ale. I love it paired with Phipps’ Beckets ale. The sweetness of the honeyed beer  brings out the real joy of Shoetowns only cheese.



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