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Cheese of the month: Carlton Sheep’s Cheese

Steve & Caroline Ward , owners of St Giles Cheese bring you their choice fromage of the month

A fresh Ewes milk cheese made just across the county border at Valley view farm in Carlton, Bedfordshire. Steve and Bev farm Fresian cattle and both French and Dutch milking sheep.  The sheep spend most of their time grazing the lush grass open space of the farm.  Sheeps milk is naturally low in lactose so is ideal for people with an intolerance to cows milk. This is a seasonal cheese as the ewes are not milked all year round. The season will end in mid August.

This delicious little round cheese is pure bright white. As it’s so young (just a day or two when we receive them) it has a moist , semi soft texture. The flavour is  subtle, fresh and zesty with a light creamy note. At this time of the year it is perfect crumbled in a salad or with figs and runny honey.

Mrs Cheese recommends Lyme Bay’s classic Cuvee brut dry English sparkling wine as the perfect accompaniment .



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