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Our undiscovered stories

​Zach Patel-Champion helms 1069NNBC’s new show Undiscovered Northampton which is sponsored by The NeneQuirer…

Where to start? My name is Zach and whilst my baby-face might say otherwise, I’m 23 going on 43 years old. I’m Northampton born and bred, but if you’re wondering about my surname ‘Patel-Champion’ then yes that is my real name, it’s double barrel and reflects my heritage that you can consider to to be like your well known half -white-half-wholemeal loaf of bread that you might use to make the kids’ packed lunches with.

I went to university here and discovered myself to be an Avenue kid at heart ironically as Avenue Campus is down the road from the nursery and college that I went to. Initially I wanted to be a teacher, but reconsidered with the thought that perhaps dyslexic teachers are not in great demand so found myself starting at the University of Northampton with the intention to become a writer and wannabe hack. I was a shy teenager and that followed through into my Journalism studies.  Despite this my lecturers and the University staff coerced me into a radio studio, pretty much against my own will. Some friends and myself had a show on NU Radio, the Students’ Union radio station, and I spent a summer at Inspiration FM in town. My lecturers support and the experiences I had through the radio stations would be something I would learn to eternally be grateful for however, as today radio studios are a place of comfort for me and the thought of being behind a microphone does not petrify me just as much.

Aside from student life (which I am currently saying goodbye to) and NNBC, I also volunteer for the Lowdown as a youth worker, and for Screen Northants gaining experience in the word of film. As well as radio, I love film and one day hope to direct my own. In my free time you’re likely to find me at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse, or exploring National Trust places and gardens where I enjoy taking amateur photos. 

I'm the editor and owner of The NeneQuirer.

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