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Camp Bestival 2012

The press tent at a music festival is an interesting place to be. It is an oasis of calm of sorts, albeit one where there is a lot of work going on.

At Camp Bestival it was decked out like a harem tent except inside instead of nubile wives passing the day practising their nubility there were banks of photographers hunched over laptops, cropping pictures and sharing war stories. Every now and then pop stars would venture into the lion’s den to do interviews with broadcasters and a quick photocall.

As it was a family festival they were pretty good about rounding off the session by having their pictures taken with the journalists’ children. My One True Love knows I’m an admirer of the all-girl three piece, Stooshe, and had offered to take a picture of me and the kids with them at just such a photocall. I’ll admit the idea appealed and I almost took her up 
on it.

Stooshe came out of the tent, turned to face My One True Love and bent over to hug my kids. I was faced with the stark choice of being in the picture or staying sat where I was. As you can see, I managed to do both, just. All I’m saying is Camp Bestival is for dads too.

I'm the editor and owner of The NeneQuirer.

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