• Eating outside the box – Ginza, Northampton, restaurant review

    Penda has been keen to go to Ginza in Northampton for some months. And no, it’s definitely not just raw fish. A Japanese restaurant on Wellingborough Road ticks lots of culinary boxes – a wide range of options, hot and cold, light and substantial and an emphasis on cooking fresh. It makes a [...]
  • What’s Croatia like?

    I sunbathed in the dusty Croatian hell of Heatwave Lucifer this summer. I saw lizards, hornets, a circling bird of a prey in an empty blue sky and a bear sized dog panting in the shade of small parched trees. A kitten called Mazda lazily batted a dead mouse around on crispy curled grass while my [...]
  • The world shaping effect of music

    Reviewing the situation with Lena Davis Lena has been a music producer, writer and Personal Manager; a photographer and journalist and, over thirty years ago, got together with Caroline Scattergood to create the Caring & Sharing Trust to bring music, hope and love into the lives of people with [...]
  • Games grew up alongside me

    Joe Turvey looks how computer games developed as he did… Why do people play video games? To me, it is an old question. I remember being asked by my parents, not overtly, but in their tone. I was interrogated simply in their dismissal of my time spent in front of an Amstrad CPC monitor, [...]
  • Guerilla film making will put you in the big picture

    Julie Teckman writes about getting involved in the guerilla film making scene in Northampton… One of the great, if less known, things about Northampton is that it is a hotbed of guerrilla filmmaking with a whole bunch of very talented people based here who write screenplays, produce and [...]
  • Theatre: The Tiger Who Came To Tea

    Following a smash-hit West End season, the tea-guzzling Tiger pounces into Northampton this Autumn in a truly magical Olivier Award-nominated production of The Tiger Who Came to Tea, which can be seen at Royal & Derngate from Friday 22 to Sunday 24 September. Adapted and directed by David Wood [...]
  • Theatre: The Railway Children

    A brand new stage production of E. Nesbit’s classic tale, The Railway Children, steams into Northampton’s Royal & Derngate from Tuesday 19 to Sunday 24 September. Published in 1906, Edith Nesbit’s best-loved classic novel The Railway Children has since been adapted for both stage and [...]
  • The battle decided by a Banbury bar maid

    Historian Mike Ingram reveals the story behind the Battle of Edgecote which legend has it was decided by the whim of a Banbury bar maid… It was the year 1469. The ‘war of succession’ that started at Northampton in 1460 was over and Edward Plantagenet, Earl of March was now King Edward IV, [...]
  • First visitors to Rushden Lakes

    Campaigners who lobbied for the creation of the giant Rushden Lakes retail park on the A45 have had a sneak preview of the site. A statement from Crown Estates said: On Thursday 20 July, Rushden Lakes welcomed its first visitors, nearly a decade since campaigns to secure the development started. [...]
  • Do we have to choose between cars and breathing in poison?

    Across the UK, children are walking to school along roads choked with both traffic and with pollution. These issues are inextricably linked, and although medical professionals are reluctant to suggest cause, incidences of respiratory disease are higher in the areas where the air pollution is [...]
  • Masterpiece of masterpieces

    Alan Moore reviews The Last London by Iain Sinclair Monumental in every sense, The Last London is a beautifully-chiselled hieroglyphic capstone set in place atop the fifty-year-high edifice of Iain Sinclair’s city writings, all the rising lines of the enquiry brought together in a Shard-like and [...]
  • Wake up and smell the Yellow Bourbon

    Three months ago Steve Peel opened the doors of a small converted garage space in Angel Street and a glorious smell wafted out. It was the aroma of roasting coffee and Yellow Bourbon Coffee Roasters was born. It marked the end of a long self-imposed apprenticeship for Steve – honing his skills [...]
  • Garments by Voni Blu

    Shine on through the summer months

    Julie Teckman reveals how dressing for summer is a fashion language all of its own… Summer creates something of a dilemma for women of a certain age (that is, past their twenties). Dressing through winter and spring no longer presents any particular problems for the mature body given the [...]
  • Cheese of the month: Carlton Sheep’s Cheese

    Steve & Caroline Ward , owners of St Giles Cheese bring you their choice fromage of the month A fresh Ewes milk cheese made just across the county border at Valley view farm in Carlton, Bedfordshire. Steve and Bev farm Fresian cattle and both French and Dutch milking sheep.  The sheep spend [...]
In the spotlight

Blisworth canal weekend in pictures

by Steve in News

The annual festival of all things canal related took place at Blisworth this weekend. Dave Ikin took the pictures… [...]



The world shaping effect of music

by Steve in Books

Reviewing the situation with Lena Davis Lena has been a music producer, writer and Personal Manager; a photographer and journalist and, over thirty years ago, got together [...]