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Gunpowder, treason and Kit

by Steve in Broadcast

Gunpowder begins on Saturday 21 October on BBC One. The full series will be available on BBC iPlayer, with all episodes available immediately after the broadcast of episode [...]


  • Gunpowder, treason and Kit

    Gunpowder begins on Saturday 21 October on BBC One. The full series will be available on BBC iPlayer, with all episodes available immediately after the broadcast of episode one. Developed by Ronan Bennett, Kit Harington and Daniel West, written by Ronan Bennett, directed by J Blakeson and produced [...]
  • Lette gets physical at Althorpe Literary Festival

    Julie Teckman looks back on an eye opening Literary Festival at Althorpe … I’m a simple soul at heart and can be kept happy with just a few annual events that punctuate the year for me. Christmas, birthdays, a bit of sun in the summer and the occasional trip to the seaside will top up my [...]
  • The Gunpowder Plot in Northamptonshire

    Mike Ingram takes a forensic look at history’s most famous terror plot and how it was very much a Northamptonshire conspiracy… Everyone knows Bonfire night, but just who and what are we remembering? We all know the name Guy Fawkes, however he was just the man that was given the task of [...]
  • Rushden Lakes – a walk on the wild side

    Caroline Fitton of The Wildlife Trust for Bedfordshire, Cambridgeshire & Northamptonshire describes how a new shopping development is also a gateway to the natural world… A lakeside retail development was the final piece of the puzzle in a wetlands jigsaw, helping join up important [...]
  • Jazz Colossus: it’s a band only bigger

    Miles Hancock tells the story of the Northampton big band Jazz Colossus… The situation that sparked the idea of Jazz Colossus was quite a simple one really. It was late 2014 and I was looking for a big band to play in. It seemed ludicrous to me that there wasn’t a big band already in [...]
  • What does the tenth dog eat?

    Lena has been a music producer, writer and Personal Manager; a photographer and journalist and, over thirty years ago, got together with Caroline Scattergood to create the Caring & Sharing Trust to bring music, hope and love into the lives of people with learning disabilities and their families [...]
  • Dr Pomatia and the Magnificent Seven

    Steve Scoles delivers a self-absorbed musing upon the business of being in a play following his unexpected casting in Northampton Arts Lab’s Lullaby of a Bottlecap Queen. For a full review and summary of the show NeneQuirer recommends the excellent Super Weird Substance… It turns out [...]
  • My life as a reluctant activist

    An upcoming LGBTQ season at the Errol Flynn Filmhouse prompts Karin Johnstone to reflect on her own part in an historic struggle for civil rights… A few months back I went to the cinema to see a film called Freeheld. The biographical film follows the battle of Laurel Hester a Police Officer [...]
  • Where did Jeremy Corbyn go to learn about Hope?

    Robin Burgess CEO of Northampton Hope Centre talks about Jeremy Corbyn’s visit to the frontline in the battle against poverty… On the 8th September the Hope centre in Northampton welcomed the leader of the Labour party, Jeremy Corbyn, on a visit to see what Hope does. Hope’s been [...]
  • Folk history: secretly tanked up

    Northampton Bluesman ‘Uncle’ Eric Whitehouse has seen a few things and heard a few more, these are his stories… When you live in a place for a long time, amongst people who are also ‘settled’, you hear whispers and stories that come from the fabric of the society in which you [...]
  • Zeppelin bombing raid on Northampton station was hushed up

    Kate Wills reveals the little known story of a First World War air raid on Northampton and details of a commemoration for its victims… On 16th December 1914, the unthinkable happened. Six German battleships sailed across the North Sea and split into two groups as they approached the English [...]
  • Have you found your bliss?

    A drug that can selectively destroy bad memories and literally make you forget all your troubles? What could go wrong? That is the subject of the Northampton Arts Lab’s latest production, Lullaby of a Bottlecap Queen. The original work features the writing talents of several of the group’s [...]
  • Cheese of the month: Montagnolo

    Steve and Caroline Ward of St Giles Cheese pick out choice fromages for your delectation…  When young Ben (one of our cheesey sales reps) came in proclaiming that he had a new blue cheese that had just won the coveted title of ‘Supreme Champion’ at the World cheese awards, I peered over [...]
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Magna Carta – the Northampton connection

by Steve in Culture

Mike Ingram unpicks the role of Northampton in the Barons’ War and how it played a key role in bringing King John to seal Magna Carta… In 1202, Northampton was [...]


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New Phipps gin unveiled

by Steve in News

The restoration of the Albion Brewery buildings in Northampton reopened cellars and tunnelling that offered Phipps a new opportunity. The cool temperatures underground were [...]