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Sunday, May 29, 2022

Restaurant reviews

Red Lion is still worth its salt

Someone flashing their knickers at you  for two hours might sound like an ideal night out for some. But when you’re out for an anniversary meal with your beloved at The Red Lion at East Haddon, it’s a little...

Hot foot to Zapato Lounge

“ZAPATO? Is that going to be spicy food?, asks grumpy daughter, dragged into town to get presents for a sibling. Clearly she’s not fluent in Spanish. Zapato means shoe, and the ‘Shoe Lounge’ is a nod to the town’s industrial...

Treat yourself with a Dapper sarnie

We used to be pretty bad at sandwiches in this country. A sliver of pink processed meat between curling white slices of dough foam was considered a saleable ham butty. That was the bad old days. Sandwiches, like sausages, have...

Even without chips with Nutella and popping candy, Mumu lunch still satisfied

The task is simple – find somewhere on a typical lunchtime to eat that doesn’t involve waiting for too long, a drive-thu, plastic packaging or a sandwich/crisps/drink meal deal. A change from the usual lunchtime shrink-wrapped sausage roll or...
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Latest News

Winners revealed at Northants Film Festival (the East Midlands Oscars)

The third Northampton Film Festival rounded off a week of events last night with an awards ceremony at Sixfields...
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