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There are adverts for every budget available through NQ from £50 for a display box to a full multi-media package in print, on our website, on community radio and our social media channels.


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The Big Six is £50 +VAT and is our version of a listing style ad. There is room for a logo or shopfront picture and contact details. In fact it’s like thousands of little shopfronts in the best quality setting in the county.

The Quarter Pounder is a quarter page that is so big it needed a big name. And it’s only £175 +VAT. This is not a literal quarter page, it’s a fat quarter that gives you space to express yourself but doesn’t break the bank.

The Half Nelson is the classic half-page for £275 +VAT. You’re making a statement, you’re making an announcement. You’ve got something to say. You are taking advantage of the glossy hi-definition medium and giving your brand the exposure it deserves.

The Full Nelson is our full page for £500 +VAT. This is the showstopper that puts your brand shoulder to shoulder with the editorial and the best pictures in the county’s most beautiful magazine.

NEW! Side order: If you have bought a print ad, up your reach with a half price clickable banner on our website for £25 +VAT for a month.


Have a web ad as a main course. A clickable banner on our website for a month is £50 +VAT.

Have it your way

We are always ready to discuss bespoke packages including commercial editorial (pricing typically reflects page space plus a charge for editorial work) and advertising across a range of media. We are partners with Northampton’s newest community radio station NNBC Radio and can provide packages featuring radio, print and web advertising.

Email us for details at nenequirer@gmail.com or phone 01604 550035 to discuss your campaign.

All prices quoted are based on artwork being supplied by the advertiser.





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