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So here we are, it’s 2017 in Northamptonshire, we don’t want to live in London. We don’t even want to live in Milton Keynes.

Some of us have got children at school, some of us have got great jobs in world famous companies, some of us just love this anachronistic little county that rebelliously goes its own way despite pretty much being the crossroads of the nation. Everywhere and nowhere. That’s where you’re at.

We are the people who are investing something in Northamptonshire and want it to be the best it can be. That may not mean the same thing to all of us, and that’s okay. We can have wine bars and working men’s clubs, cafes and coffee houses, spires and squires, Saints and Cobblers.

The important thing is we are the people who care about Northamptonshire and it is The NeneQuirer’s mission to bring those people, businesses and organisations together, to share our stories and news and see if we can add up to more than the sum of our parts.

Edited and owned by Steve Scoles, former editor of the Herald & Post and long-time journalist and columnist for the Northampton Chronicle & Echo, The NeneQuirer is a website and magazine that will take a thoughtful look at the county but will also seek to unearth new local talent and give it a platform.

Get in touch with us at nenequirer@gmail.com to find out about advertising rates or submitting editorial material.

Our main landline is 01604 550035.

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