What Slowthai did when he returned to Northampton College

“What’s good?” Slowthai has had the briefest of introductions to the students in the packed lecture theatre at Northampton College and now he is asking the questions. “What’s good? What’s good?” he demands and the students are doing what people do in this situation – not saying anything, not thinking that he is expecting them to have the answer. He steps forward and looks someone directly in the eye. “What’s good?” Now he’s moving up the gangway between the two banks of seats. He tells someone to sit up straight like a teacher would but also like a teacher wouldn’t. The F-bomb goes off when he speaks. It just happens. He laughs at how he sounds like “one of those inspirational speakers” but that is exactly what he is like. Ripples of awkward but excited laughter stir around the room. It is like lights switching on all over the lecture theatre. my debut album NOTHING GREAT ABOUT BRITAIN is OUT NOW 🇬🇧 buy it, stream it, download it – love: https://t.co/XM5qI4E23O pic.twitter.com/wl4o0mDzL7— slowthai (@slowthai) May 17, 2019 “What’s good?” Someone’s big moment finally arrives: “Everything!” comes the answer. Slowthai makes us all sit up straight and chorus it back at … Continue reading What Slowthai did when he returned to Northampton College