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I like to get out on a bicycle but bike parking space is at a premium chez moi. A folding bike seemed like the answer but those small wheels: I just couldn’t.

In the olden days this story might now step up a gear and become an interesting odyssey through peculiar bicycle shops trying and testing all manner of exotic acoustic motorbikes.

However this the newen days and I just Googled until I discovered the Montague Paratrooper. This bike is a product of an American military design brief which doesn’t give it much hippy credibility but does give me some confidence that it would survive a zombie apocalypse.

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About a month ago the right price came up on E-Bay and I splashed out. A couple of weeks ago it arrived. I’ve been getting used to the gears and the different riding position from my trusty old Probike but it is soooo cool.

Here’s a biking discussion thread talking about the merits of the machine and here’s a review on Commute by Bike.

Here’s a really good Northampton cycling website.

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