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This is me: my X-box makeover

This is my X-Box avatar after a makeover supervised by my eight year old son Billy.

This is me in X-Box world. My sons have been nagging me to ‘sort out’ my avatar for some time and this morning I finally did it (catching up on all those urgent domestic tasks) under the supervision of number three son Billy.

The makeover started with the clothes. Billy had been objecting to the green tights my avatar was previously encumbered with. They weren’t tights. They were skinny jeans. In the real world I prefer skinny jeans so I had gone chosen the closest thing the X-Box was offering me.

I replaced them with cargo shorts because this morning I was wearing cargo shorts. I rarely wear them, I prefer skinny… well enough said. The silly boots my avatar was in had to go. I replaced them with different silly boots but again, they kind of nearly matched some I was wearing this morning. The white long sleeved t-shirt is an authentic detail. It is gritty, uncompromising reality.

Billy took charge for the hair. Previously it had been grey round the ears and bald on top, vicar style. He thought I should go darker and add more. So I went for a dark brown number one.

Finally I added a watch, a ring, 50s glasses and an earring. That’s nearly all my bling. At the moment I’m one ring and a silver neck chain short. I’m not worried though, I’m looking close enough to a pensioner pimp already for my liking.

I started looking around for some games to play: Dragon Age, Bioshock, Dead Space – over the years I had squirreled away a few dad orientated titles for those moments when a bit of living room gaming was possible. The trouble was the boys had been selling them. I knew this, I don’t really want to stop them turning a game that isn’t being played into resources to buy one that will. Unfortunately the situation had slipped out of my grasp.

There was nothing for me to play if I wasn’t in the mood for football, squad level first person shooteramas, street football, kinectimals or football.

So me and Billy played Kinect Fruit Ninja.

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