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A thing I cannot describe

ImageI can’t say exactly what my big achievement of the day was but I achieved it with a petrol driven strimmer and sustained a number of small, satisfying injuries along the way.

I can’t say why I can’t say what my big achievement was otherwise that will give away what it was, which is why I don’t want to say what it was.

Perhaps disappointingly no crimes were committed although I was able to briefly imagine I was doing something cinematically exciting, with perhaps a threat of terror equivalent to a Spielberg on my Anecdote Quantification Scale. Expect further posts on the AQS at some point in the future.

Today was my first day of holiday. As you can see, no glamorous foreign locations for us, we are opting instead for a portfolio of English summer experiences. Because I cannot post a picture of the activity I will not describe, I have added a picture of the current state of our wall. It is nearly rebuilt as far as it can go as about a fifth of its brickwork was destroyed when it collapsed.

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