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I used a steam iron but not in a steam punk way

Ironed by my own fair hand, two shirts hang on an attic door. The doorframe was distressed BEFORE it saw the ironed-in creases.

I’m back on my travels tomorrow, three days in Portsmouth talking digital first publishing and social media then a day in Hastings doing the same. I’ve managed to get myself invited to a business awards night along the way so I’ve been ironing shirts which I will no doubt stuff cack-handedly into my case in the morning.

I haven’t ironed for years. Normally I go to the ironing shop but it got forgotten in all the excitement. For about £10 a week I get a service it would definitely take me one long miserable night to perform myself. Tonight every penny paid for that service seems worth it. After a long hard look at my clothing stock I need: new shoes, a bow tie and a manservant.

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