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The Grudge

The Grudge on AmazonIt's difficult to hit someone. When I learned to fence we spent a whole session just getting using to poking swords at people like we meant it. It's harder than you think. You have to get worked up to do it quickly and efficiently. As you get tired in a contest you can lose your aggression, you can get bored with the confrontation.

This is a book about people who can maintain running-into-a-brick-wall style aggression for eighty minutes in the face of a lot more dissuasion than a sharp prod from a swordpoint. It’s about the culture that maintains that intensity and what it takes to win a big game against the odds. It’s a page turner that will interest fans of rugby union the most but this also has some appeal if you remember the characters involved as public figures. Was Will Carling as arrogant as he seemed? Was Brian Moore as psychotic? What hardened the unnoticed but talented Scots into a force capable of stopping England who seemed to be finally shrugging off a history of debauched underachievement? Transcripts of interviews and tight spare prose from the author Tom English (Scotsman sports writer) tell a gripping story.

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